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Weddings can take an extraordinary amount of time and effort to prepare, so when you get down to the final few days before you’re due to tie the knot, it’s normal to hope and pray that nothing goes wrong.

But one bride’s wedding was thrown into turmoil this weekend when her cousin demanded she postpones the entire event for her and her husband – just two days before the ceremony.

Explaining what had happened on Reddit, the bride said her cousin’s husband was recently involved in an accident and is now in hospital where he is recovering.

And instead of just not attending the wedding, her cousin has asked her to axe the whole thing with just 48 hours’ notice – so that the venue they’ve paid for and the guests that will attend can instead be used for a “get well party” for her husband.

In her post, the woman said: “I am getting married to my boyfriend in two days. 2-3 days ago, my cousin’s husband had an accident and a serious injury. He is now at the hospital and is recovering slowly.

“Yesterday, my family and I had a small dinner to celebrate the wedding. We didn’t expect Elena to come but she did, which we had no problem with. But during the dinner, I noticed she was looking at me and [my boyfriend] Matt weirdly – as if she was angry.

“Suddenly she stood up and said: ‘Matthew and Madison, you guys are absolutely perfect for each other and I’m so happy you guys are getting married, but, I would like for you to postpone the wedding so that all the arrangements that have been done can be transformed to a get well party for my husband.’ “

The woman then told her cousin that she would not be cancelling or postponing her wedding, but said she would understand if she decided not to attend so that she could be with her husband.

But the bride was then called “selfish” and “inconsiderate” for not cancelling.

She added: “Matthew gave each other weird looks but then I responded saying: ‘Elena, I’m very sad for what happened to your husband but that is not a reason for me to postpone my wedding, which I’ve spent the past year organising. I am sorry but I will not be cancelling my wedding, you are free to cancel if you want.’

“She snapped at me saying how big of an a**hole I was and that I was being selfish and inconsiderate of her husband. I told her that her husband and I have never even had a proper conversation in their 3 years of marriage.

“She stormed out of the house and we haven’t talked since.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the bride’s side, with many of them saying she shouldn’t have to cancel her wedding just days before it’s due to take place – although they also sympathised with the heartbreak that her cousin is going through as a result of her husband’s injury.

One person said: “She sounds like she’s clearly hurting but she’s also majorly entitled. I hope you have a lovely wedding.”

While another added: “Going through the healing process of a loved one that had a terrible accident can be absolutely devastating but that doesn’t make it right to act all high and mighty and entitled and have the audacity to ask someone to postpone their wedding.”