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A man who allows restaurant workers to sit on chairs in his garden during their lunch breaks has criticised the employees’ boss for trying to force him to remove the seats.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the man said he lives “right behind” a restaurant and said that as an act of kindness, he has put some simple mesh chairs outside so that employees have somewhere to sit while on their break.

But just a few weeks after he put the chairs outside, he was approached by the owner of the restaurant who demanded he take them away because they’re making her employees “too comfortable”.

The man, from the US, said the workers only use the chairs when they’re on their scheduled breaks, but the owner insisted she would throw them out herself if he didn’t move them.

In his post, he said: “We live right behind a restaurant and we have a couple of chairs outside that the workers often sit on while on their break. We put them out for this exact purpose because otherwise they sit on our stoop and block our front door. And hey, they’re on break and deserve to take a load off anyway.

“We also chat with them pretty often, they’re super nice. So we put our extra outdoor chairs out for them, for their comfort and ours.

“They’ve been out there for a couple of weeks now, and yesterday, the owner of the restaurant was out there looking at them when I came back from work. She’s an older woman, maybe 60s or 70s, and she asks if the chairs are mine, to which I tell her they are.

“She asked me to put them away because she ‘pays them to work, not to sit’ and that she doesn’t want them to be ‘too comfortable’. It’s not like they’re lounge chairs or anything, just mesh chairs.

“She said she was planning to just throw them out because she didn’t know who they belonged to.”

The man is refusing to move the chairs from his property and now has plans to lock them to his fence using a steel security cable so that the woman can’t get rid of them herself.

He added: “Like what the actual f**k, ma’am? I nodded along and was like sure, whatever you say, but today I ordered one of those steel security cables and I’m going to lock them to our railing.

“She will not be throwing out our property and depriving her workers of being able to sit down on their break. F**k that.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were baffled by the restaurant owner’s actions, as they said her employees shouldn’t be made to stand up all day – especially not on their breaks.

One person said: “Someone hasn’t learned happy employees work better.”

While someone else added: “During their break, she’s not paying them at all, so she can get f***ed.”

And a third wrote: “Post a no trespassing sign but let the employees know they are welcome onto your property. I never understood companies that think you have to be miserable and not be comfortable while on the job.”