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Modern day AFL classic further fuels fire between Geelong and Richmond

Amidst all the sanctimonious slop, the slaps on the wrist, and the shock jock slanging matches, an actual round of football broke out. It was billed as Moving Weekend. It

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LongTail Rally 2.0: More Cars, More Adventures, More Chills And Thrills

Just over 13 months after the inaugural LongTail Rally of 2021, rally organizers kicked off the second LongTail Rally amidst the stunning skyline of San Francisco. Gathering at the Fairmont

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Russia fines United Parcel Service over data storage

A Moscow court fined United Parcel Service (UPS.N) 1 million roubles ($18,900) on Tuesday for an alleged refusal to localise the data of Russian users on Russian territory, the TASS

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Airbnb Is Giving Away $10 Million to Build the ‘Craziest Places on Earth’

Airbnb Inc. has launched a $10 million fund to inspire the creation of the wackiest and most unique property destinations on the planet. The vacation-rental site will offer 100 people

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Man slams restaurant boss who says workers are ‘too comfortable’ thanks to his chairs

A man who allows restaurant workers to sit on chairs in his garden during their lunch breaks has criticised the employees’ boss for trying to force him to remove the

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