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Depending on how often your local binmen come round to empty your wheelie bins and how much rubbish you accumulate each week, you might have found that sometimes your bin can get exceptionally full.

And if that has ever happened to you, imagine how much worse the problem would be if your neighbours decided to use your bin for their overflowing rubbish, leaving you with even less space for your own bags.

That’s exactly what’s been happening to one single mum on Mumsnet, who has found herself having to ram her recycling into her bin to try and fit it in after one of her neighbours used her bin as extra storage space.

In her post, she said: “So I’ve recently moved house, and my neighbours overall seem okay.

“I’m a single parent with one child and our council collects the recycling bin one week and the general waste the following week. Sometimes I only put my recycling out monthly because I don’t always fill the bin 100% for both collections.

“Anyway, the week before last I didn’t put out my recycling because I was working 4 shifts back to back and I knew it wasn’t full. Two days later I went outside to put my recycling in the bin and it was almost full with minimal room for my stuff.”

The mum said she’s been left “annoyed” by her neighbours’ cheeky actions and is even considering fitting her wheelie bin with a lock to make sure that no one can access it before collection day.

She also said that while it wouldn’t normally bother her, she has heard of people who have been fined for putting non-recyclables into their recycling bin, and doesn’t want to be blamed for something her neighbours snuck in her bin.

She added: “What the actual? I’m really annoyed. My last house was a semi and my bins were kept at the back of the drive near the back door. I’m not used to this.

“I’m tempted to put a padlock on my bins and remove the padlock when I put the bins out on bin day. It’s just I’m really careful as I’ve heard of people being fined when they’ve put the wrong stuff in.”

Commenters on the Mumsnet post were firmly on the mum’s side, as many of them encouraged her to padlock her bin or invest in a gravity lock, which keeps bins locked when upright but allows the lid to open automatically when the bin lorry tips them upside down upon collection.

One person said: “Padlock them, they will never get the message otherwise and continue to do what they want.”

While another added: “I would padlock it, yeah. Wouldn’t even waste my breath trying to speak to the cheeky f***ers.”

And a third said: “Another one for a padlock. Mine are padlocked after I found full dog poo bags and a pizza box complete with pizza in my bin.”