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Obi-Wan Kenobi was always intended to be a miniseries, but the stars of the show have confirmed that they would happily return for a second season; Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has even hinted that season 2 could happen, if the fans want it.

While the series proved surprisingly uneven at times, the big confrontation between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in the finale really resonated with fans, as a solid resolution to the relationship fleshed out by the prequels.

However, when it comes to a potential second season of Obi-Wan Kenobi, there isn’t much story left to tell – surely, Vader can’t meet Obi-Wan again (although, the idea of the two constantly bumping into one another, engaging in non-consequential duels in the years preceding A New Hope is pretty funny).

But Reva, the Third Sister, is still alive, and her story was left open-ended after the finale of Kenobi – might she make a good companion, or foil, to Obi-Wan?

Reva’s story wasn’t the strongest of the series; her character, a former youngling who survived Anakin’s massacre, often behaved inconsistently, and her final desire to assassinate Luke Skywalker didn’t make much sense.

However, Reva certainly wasn’t the only character restrained by a weak story – the majority of conflicts within the series couldn’t, wouldn’t be resolved until A New Hope, which dampened the drama somewhat.

Viewers knew that Obi-Wan and Vader would survive their fights, that Leia would make it back home, and Luke would remain safe. However, the racist backlash to the casting of Moses Ingram made it difficult to separate bad faith criticism from legitimate criticism, leading to Reva becoming an unnecessarily divisive character within the fanbase.

While Reva’s storyline wasn’t handled particularly well, the character is brimming with potential – she is one of the few Star Wars characters who walk the line between the Dark and Light Side, unsure of who she really is.

Reva spent her adult life pretending to believe in the values of the Sith, climbing the career ladder of the Inquisitors in the hope of getting close enough to Vader to assassinate him. Her attempt was, obviously, a complete and utter failure – the series ends with Reva wounded, humiliated and directionless.

Reva is also a Force-user who knows a great deal about Darth Vader’s personal life – she’s a loose end, both to the story and to the Empire. For a potential second season, Obi-Wan could leave Tatooine for an adventure with Reva, on the run from the Empire, as she learns more about herself, and which Side of the Force she truly identifies with.

Reva and Vader could even have a rematch, in which Reva is more prepared, and thus, a more formidable foe; it would be an opportunity to bring back Ingram, Hayden Christensen, and Ewan McGregor, without rehashing another confrontation between Vader and Obi-Wan.

It’s either that, or another adventure with “Baby Leia,” and I think Star Wars canon is already dangerously close to breaking point; probably best to leave Luke and Leia alone.